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Container runtime integration

To facilitate the deployment of vaccel-enabled applications, we integrate vAccel to a popular container runtime, kata-containers.

Kata Containers enable containers to be seamlessly executed in sandbox Virtual Machines. Kata Containers are as light and fast as containers and integrate with the container management layers, while also delivering the security advantages of VMs. Kata Containers is the result of merging two existing open source projects: Intel Clear Containers and Hyper runV.

vAccel integration to kata comes in both modes: virtio and vsock. An overview of the software stack is shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1. vAccel integration with kata-containers

Our current, downstream implementation for Kata-containers v3.X includes support for the AWS Firecracker sandbox, and the vsock mode of vAccel. Visit our downstream branch to peak through the code or have a look at the tutorial to get a vAccel kata-containers runtime installed in your cluster.